There we were last winter, 32 hopeful residents dropping our names into the ‘Any Jamoke Can Do It’ Steering Committee dark box. And now the committee will meet. We have a short quiz to help launch this week’s Comprehensive Plan (CP) kick-off.

Why were steering committee volunteers ‘signed up’ via a secret ballot box instead of a common sign-up sheet?

1) Ignorance and divide-and-conquer is our preferred public operating procedure.

2) Rigging the system must always be an option.

3) No one’s talkin’ but let’s pray to God that the names in the box were indeed tampered with, or our new CP is DOA.

4) “I love a charade” sings the mayor.

5) All of the above.

Why has the village recently taken to calling our new Comprehensive Plan an ‘update’ to the old CP?

1) The last CP was such an astounding practical failure re: its major focus on residential housing and land use, the mayor wants to try it again.

2) To prevent the steering committee from going rogue and tackling non-mayoral approved topics.

3) To avoid the hard stuff.

4) All of the above.

What is the hard stuff?

1) Leveraging our village weight and cooperating with neighboring villages against IDOT bulldozers to get the nice things we deserve.

2) Residential housing: owner occupied vs rental and affordable housing.

3) Dumping the Commish Form of Government for an efficient process that our tax dollars deserve.

4) Infrastructure, i.e. a working public sewer/drainage system.

5) The Altenheim property and its $15k ‘use’ survey.

6) All of the above.

When the news was first announced last year, why did VA Tim Gillian say the new CP would not be “cast in stone.”

1) He was employing a rare and failed technique to create community enthusiasm for our two year/$100,000 village wide project.

2) “Not cast in stone” is code that the new CP, like the old CP, would like to apply depending on which way their political winds are blowing.

3) It’s a shot across the bow that “You’ve got to give sugar to get sugar.”

4) So they can avoid responsibility for getting it wrong. Again.

5) All of the above.

Okay, so the past CP was ineffectual and alternately ignored or abused, the new CP has started on rather strange footing, and we have most of the same players in leadership positions: how can we, the resident stakeholders, ensure a new CP that is constructive in process and damn useful for our collective future?

1) We do what good citizens everywhere do: pay attention, ask questions, demand good answers, assess differing views, and think about it, talk about it, write about it, Facebook it, tweet it. In short, we dig deep, put our thinking caps on and then lobby our electeds – hard.

2) HUD is on our side. HUD is investing $100,000 in precious taxpayer dollars for Forest Parkers to get this right, and they might insist.

3) No one has all the answers and so we learn from each other through informed and honest discussion.

4) It’s possible that our two year project will be creative, energizing, mind-opening, heart-opening and healing. Everything is possible.

5) We ask all our spiritual ministers to invoke ‘everything is possible’ blessings upon our people, our work and our community.

6) All of the above.