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Nobody can throw a party like Sheree Pintozzi Bredow and nobody enjoys a party like the people from Saint Bernardine’s. Combine all that with the best food in town from Jimmy’s and you have an unforgettable night of fun, memories, laughter and fellowship Credit goes to Sheree’s husband, Scott, too for assisting his wife in the planning and execution of the evening. Young Jimmy Jodoin and his friend Seamus Brennan were busy keeping the food coming, Fremini and their daughters worked through the well. Unfortunately I don’t recall all the old Saint Bernardine family names in attendance, but a few unforgettable ones such as Cimiglia, Fabbrini, Ross, Tricoci, Zeibell, McKenzie, Scaffidi, Pucci, Gillian, Gallagher, Solberg, were there. Ginny Ross had a fan-like sign on a stick.Whenever someone unexpected showed up she held up her bright sign that read “OMG!”

More sympathy to the Spence family. Last week John’s mother died just as the families were in the midst of adjusting to Marie’s mother’s death. John and Marie, daughters Grace and Anne have lived life with dramatic ups and downs. But they always land on their feet and always have each other.

Beat the Halloween rush and get over to Centuries & Sleuths Sunday, Sept. 22, at 2 p.m. to hear the author, Adam Selzer discuss and sign copies of his book, “Ghosts of Chicago” the windy city’s most famous haunts!

The Symphony of Oak Park & River Forest is rehearsing into the wee hours preparing for this season’s opener on Sunday, Sept. 29 at 4 p.m. This season will feature music of various cultures and nationalities. The opening concert will feature French composers with pianist Naomi Kudo (obviously not French, however). Ms. Kudo has performed with many of the world’s great orchestras including Chicago’s own CSO at age 16! After the concert you can join members of the audience and the orchestra at Audre Monde Café in Berwyn. Dinner tickets are available on the website

The annual West Suburban Artists’ Guild Exhibition will begin Sept. 30, 2013 at Triton College. The reception will be held October 18.

Birthday greetings this week go to Laura McDermott, Hunter Van Zant, Dan Lola, Pascal and Alice Bogdon, Samantha Grams, Brendan Miranda, Angelo Spinelli, Ariel Weisneth, Christina Respass. Happy anniversary to Marge and Al Buccholz and to Brigo and Nancy Millar.

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