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Dear Historical Society Members and Supporters:
Due to your gracious support, the Historical Society of Forest Park will conti
nue and carry on its mission to “promote, preserve and interpret the rich and unique history of Forest Park.” We have served the community since 1975. We succeed because of your support!
Some of our events this year included a walking tour of five Madison Street restaurants, historical tours of Forest Park and its local cemeteries, and a live dramatic play entitled “The Des Plaines River Anthology.” We have reissued the “Pioneers of the20th Century” interviews, written a book title: The Des Plaines River Anthology and for your entertainment, you and your family can own and play our board game: “Forest Parkopoly”.
We are writing to ask you for financial support and help show that you believe that our community heritage matters. Your support will strengthen our work in:
Searching for a permanent HS home that is open and accessible to all members and the community.
Becoming a curator to the entire community
Growing with our community for future generations
Together we can continue the good fight in preserving our history. Please take a minute today to make a gift
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Bob Cox President HSofFP

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