Everyone agrees. The proposal for a small mixed use building filling a long vacant lot along Madison Street is first rate. Four apartments and some retail will plug an ugly gap between FatDuck and Skrine Chops. And construction could start as soon as next month if …

The if relates to an ongoing negotiation between developer Dan Moroney and the village government over who is responsible for construction-related issues to the east-west alley which runs behind the proposed project. The village wants Moroney to pay for replacing a portion of the alley after it is potentially dug up for sewer work tied to the new building. Moroney says he will contribute $10,000 to the alley redo but that he can avoid damaging the alley during construction.

Time will tell if it is possible to burrow 100+ feet under the existing alley to connect a required drainage system to the village pipes along Elgin Avenue or if a trench will be needed the length of the alley to make that connection. 

Regardless, the village said Tuesday that a deal will be reached, that final approval by the village council is likely and that construction could start in March. Money will be found to repair the alley, the interests of neighboring residents will be protected, and, yes, said the official, the village often looks to developers to help fund infrastructure fixes tied to their projects. That seems fair to us.