For the past ten years Forest Park has been sweeter than it had ever been before, thanks to Brown Cow Ice Cream Parlour. Yes, Our Brown Cow celebrated its tenth anniversary last week-end and we hope they will celebrate many, many more anniversaries right here. We love the Brown Cow! Congratulations!!

Sympathy to the family of Michael Garrity, loving husband, father, grandfather and brother of many including Forest Parkers, John Tricoci and Jennifer DeMorales. Patrons of Schauer Hardware are familiar with the smiling face of Jennifer. The family has been devoting much time to the care of Michael recently. A Memorial Mass will be held at Ascension Church in Oak Park on March 8th at 1 pm. 

Another group of hardy, faithful souls who gave their all, well, nearly their all, this cruel winter are the stalwart crossing guards who safely steer our children and young people across Forest Park’s snowy streets regardless of the wind chill, temperature and depth of snow. Representing this noble group is Kathy Thompson at the corner of Thomas Avenue and Jackson Boulevard. Yes, it is Kathy although it could be just about anybody judging from the look of her.

Another victim of the weather is Loretta Jantz who was working as usual, unaware of the fact that she had pneumonia. She spent a day or two at home in bed but Loretta is back at work.

Congratulations to Forest Park St. Ignatius College Prep students Robert Hoskins and Josiah Simmons. They were among five chosen to travel in June to an exchange program lasting several months in Santiago, Chile. It should be a life-changing experience for both of them. 

Handel Week ended its annual celebration last Sunday at Grace Episcopal Church in Oak Park. It was a glorious ending and I hope you were there. “Music for the Royal Fireworks” is always a heart stopper and this year’s performance was more than a worthy rendition. “King Zadok” is another thriller. My editor Jean Lotus informed us that it was during the original performance of this work that “God Save the King, God Save the King” came into use. Mark your calendar for next year’s Handel Week you’ll be glad you did. 

Among the birthdays this week is Frederick Chopin along with Jeremy Loll, Tara Cassiani, Grant Heyer, Gina Dunlap-Swan, Lucy Landaeta , Steve Blazek, Christopher Laughlin, CorwinLindall, Ed Martinski, Scott Novak, Amanda Hurst, Eddie Johnson, Madelyn Krieger, Grace Spence, Web Musgrave, Steve Grams, Angela Fink, Bill Scheiwe, Dorothy Olson, Logan Kantalero, Melissa Dodge, Matt Stefl, Julie Doloszycki, Loretta Jantz, Seth Stern, and Paul Gustafson. And happy anniversary to Jodi and Pete Giannakopolis.

Jackie is a former Chicago and Elmwood Park schoolteacher with an undying love for music, friendly pets and a host of life's other treasures too numerous to list. She was born on the far southwest side...