Is there a need for the Village to take even more of your tax dollars? No. The Village raised the sales tax in 2005 for the very purpose of using it for infrastructure, specifically alleys. Well if that program was run properly why would the Village need even more money? If the Village was in good fiscal shape why not earmark money from the general fund to do these alleys? Why, in a recessed-recovering economy, ask you, the taxpayer, to pay even more? The village shouldn’t, the Village should be better at managing the massive funds that are already allotted through various sources/taxes.

If we want to get serious and start an actual sewer fund instead of ignoring the real problem, I’m on board – that idea went nowhere when I floated it. This tax is more money to the Village that it doesn’t need and the laughable wording in the referendum that it could provide property tax relief is beyond misleading. Your alley should be redone- with the fund that was created in 2005 to do it. Keep your money in your pocket, the Village will be fine. 

Concerned resident Chris Harris … who also happens to serve on the Village Council

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