Forest Park’s little museum that could just keeps climbing that hill. The Historical Society of Forest Park has found new space, yet again, in which to mount exhibits of portions of its extensive artifacts. This time it will be in the somewhat out of the way but still valued space at First United Church, 1000 Elgin Ave.

The exhibit space will be open each Saturday. The grand opening will be in May. 

We admit to prejudice, but we find Forest Park’s history endlessly interesting. It is the story of immigrants making and sharing community. It is the story of America at war and at its leisure. It is the resting place for tens of thousands, some ordinary folks, some who have led extraordinary lives that shaped our wider history. And the history continues to be made as Forest Park grows into a full urban and suburban village which copes and clanks with its new diversity.

Elders have been wise enough to gather up the artifacts that tell the story of this town at the end of the line – the streetcar track, the mini burial vault, hundreds of pictures and phone books, journals and notes. But despite valiant efforts that have involved many, including supporters at village hall, the historical society has never been able to find and then afford a permanent home where grander displays could be mounted, where historical pieces could be property archived and stored, where research was an everyday option.

This small move will, it is hoped, be a first step to establishing a home base which will allow the society to begin applying for specialized grant funding available only to historical societies with a fixed location.

For never giving up, we commend this reenergized historical society for its efforts.

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