The Green Machines played valiantly, but ultimately lost to the Purple pirates in Forest Park Little League June 11.

When the Purple Pirates played the Mighty Machines, under partly-cloudy skies, on June 11th, a real slugfest broke out. The Pirates took a 5-3 lead in the 1st and never let up, scoring five more in the second, six in the third and four in the fourth. The Machines rallied late but lost 20-13.

Hitting stars for the Pirates included Danny Gross, who stroked a double down the left field line. Danny was out on two close plays at the plate but as one young fan observed, “Danny never gave up during the game. Plus, when he got out, he still had a smile on his face.”

Quinton Thomas also had a smile on his face playing catcher for the Pirates. He was not only solid behind the plate, he displayed wonderful sportsmanship. Max Russ helped the Pirate defense, as well, making plays at first base, third base and wherever else they put him.

The Machines had their own standouts in the field. Eleanor was a focused pitcher who always seemed to be going after the ball. Her catcher, Otto, displayed the same level of concentration. Vivian had a great day at the plate but twice was tagged out at 2nd. Ouch! Like the other Machine players, though, she didn’t get discouraged. In fact, the Machines scored four times in the last inning.

After the game, there were more smiles as players rushed with their tokens to buy treats at the Dugout CafĂ©.