Team members from ' Bullhead McGee' won the Brown Cow trough eating championship in 3 minutes, 53 seconds. Shown are Teddy Delacruz, Sean Nichols and Paul Donnelly. (KEEGAN BROWN/Contributor)

The Brown Cow Ice Cream Parlor held its 9th annual Trough Eating Contest July 14 and first place winners get a bag of prizes worth around $500, a T-shirt, and a year’s worth of free ice cream. Nine teams of three people competed to eat a 7.5 lb, 21 scoop sundae the fastest. The record to beat this year was 5minutes 9 seconds, held by the reigning 2012 champs: Troughic Thunder.

5… 4… 3… 2… 1… GO! A cowbell rings and all the contestants start to chow down into their troughs using spoons or hands or both. The teams participating this year were: We’re Just Here To Eat; Taste The Rainbow; $2 Bullhead McGee; Abs…? Who Needs Them; Ultra Eaters; Trinity Of Sin; Steve Harvey & the Cosby Sweaters; Fellowship Of The Ring; and Steve Harvey & The Shabarbaras.

It was immediately clear who would finish first, and they did. 

With a record-breaking, and inhuman time of three minutes and 52 seconds, ‘$2 Bullhead McGee’ gulped down all of their ice cream first. 

After the shocking first place finish, it was a nasty battle between the other teams for second and third place. Finally, Taste The Rainbow came in second with a time of five minutes and three seconds, six seconds faster than the previous reigning record. Fellowship Of The Ring came in third with a time of 10 minutes and two seconds . 

In the end, everyone got a, “I TACKLED THE TROUGH!” T-shirt, and the first, second, and third place winners got a bag with an assortment of gift cards a trough trophy and their money back for their Through. 

1ST $2 Bullhead McGee: Teddy Delacruz, Sean Nichols and Paul Donnelly.

2ND Taste The Rainbow: Thomas Dato, Mario Dato, and Teddy Majka.

3RD Fellowship Of The Ring: Andrew Golz, Jordan Golz, and Mark Bernthal.

Keegan Brown, 11, is the son of Connie Brown, owner of Brown Cow

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