Calling all amateur chefs.

Judges from the Food Network will come to Forest Park Oct. 19, to sample savory, plate-ready dishes created in home kitchens for a chance to appear on the show.

FlavourCookingSchool in Forest Park will host the judging.

“They’re looking for premade dishes that can be eaten cold or at room temperature,” said Director of Culinary Operations Rene Gabbett. “The food needs to be plated and styled to present to judges.”

The judges are looking for savory food only, according to its Facebook page — “No desserts!”  

The reality network website says chosen home cooks will star in a new show and win a “huge cash prize.”

Gabbett said Flavour expects between 100-150 chef/hopefuls because there will be second-round participants from an event in Oak Brook the day before. Participants will be allowed into the school, 7401 Madison St., in small groups between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. “We’ll have people waiting outside and let them in two or three at a time,” Gabbett said.

Two tasting judges will sample the home-cooked food, but the show won’t be filming until call-backs at a future date, Gabbett said.  

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