James Balodimas

Forest Park Pack 109 hosted the sixth annual Pinewood Derby this weekend.  Special thanks to the Forest Park Community Center for sharing the Center with us and helping with set up and clean up.  We are grateful to the community leaders who came to show their support including Mayor Calderone and Commissioner Harris. 

Cub Scout Dens raced and the top finisher from each den competed for the championship round.  Bear Scout Kevin Winnicki came in first with a speed of 183.0 mph, Tiger Scout Locklin Bell was in second with a speed of 181.9 mph and Webelos Scout Jonathan Ford finished in third with an average speed of 181.6 mph.  Top finishers by den: Tiger- Locklin Bell (166.9 mph), Ryan Kendal (158.6 mph), Carter Leonard (157.8 mph), Jayden Burke-Ellis (146.4 mph) and Faber Shelton (138.0 mph).  Wolf: Logan Wagner (183. 1 mph), Brandon Arnold (182.9 mph), Devin Fitzgerald (176.8 mph), Luke Bowker (166.1 mph) and Zayvion Rubio (152.8 mph).  Bears Kevin Winnicki (182.4 mph), Daniel Lyons (181.3mph), Carl Show (178.0 mph), Bora Demirtas (162.9 mph) and Milo Gittings (117.0 mph).  Webelos 1 Nate Edsell (177.5 mph), Peyton Brown (176.1 mph), Gabriel Medina (161.5 mph), Ben Edsell (154.6 mph) and Finnur Shelton (149.0 mph).  Webelos 2 Jonathan Ford (185.1 mph) and Kyle Cotton-Pitts (152 mph).  Funniest Car -Faber Shelton; Best Craftsmanship- Bora Demirtas ; Kid’s Choice – three way tie Nate Edsell, Ryan Kendall and Carl Show; Most Realistic- Nate Edsell and Ryan Kendall; Most Scout Pride- Luke Bowker  and District Selection for first year scout with Best Car- Zayvion Rubio.

Thanks to all the Scout families who devote so much time and energy to creating such an awesome Pack.  

Jill Wagner 

Cub Scout Pack 109 Committee