Chris Harris

When we started this little campaign with no money, but some very dedicated volunteers, no one gave us a chance. But then something happened: more and more people asked if they could help; they donated time and money because they wanted to see Forest Park get its energy back. They wanted to see Forest Park flourish again. 

The list of volunteers grew; we got a little money; and we received great endorsements from Labor (Laborers’ Union Local 25), leaders such as Sean Blaylock and Rafael Rosa, and newspapers like the Forest Park Review. 

That is all well and good, but what has really been inspiring is the endorsement from the people who have come forth. That’s what this whole campaign has been about. We are going against a machine that now has more political ties outside of Forest Park than neighborly ties here in our town. We are fighting for our voice to be heard over the rattle of influential money. 

With this final week of the campaign upon us, I ask you to reach out if you haven’t already and ask the tough questions of both candidates running. Let’s join together and move Forest Park forward. I would appreciate your consideration on April 7.

Chris Harris

Current commissioner of Public Property
and candidate for mayor

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