Evan Branniff is a well-grounded 11 year-old who lives in Berwyn but has been playing in Forest Park Little League for four years. Though Evan plays first base for his in-house team and traveling squad, he doesn’t have an inflated sense of his baseball ability. “I’m decent, I think,” he said matter-of-factly. He is proud that both teams are undefeated so far this season.

“It’s fun to be part of the team. People make me laugh.” Evan is tight with his teammates, even though he doesn’t attend school with them. He also doesn’t mind having his dad as manager. “My dad is fun sometimes and yells sometimes but not unfairly.” He noted that his cigar-loving father does not chomp on stogies during Little League games.

Evan enjoys playing first base. “You get the ball a lot.” Unlike many first basemen, Evan wasn’t chosen for his stature to be a “good target.” He noted that six of his teammates are taller than him. “It’s just fun playing there and I happen to be good at first base.” 

It can be a high-pressure position and Evan occasionally has to catch a bad throw. “If I drop a throw, I get upset with myself and say I should have caught it. But I try to stay in the game.” He admires his teammates. “Other players are good at pitcher, catcher or shortstop.” Evan sometimes takes the mound in the late innings. He’s the “closer” for the in-house team. Not bad for a “decent” player.