The Berwyn Development Corporation is on a mission to find Berwyn’s Best combination Italian beef and Italian sausage sandwich. Affectionately known as the “combo” in the Chicago area, this native food has its origins with the Italian beef, a sandwich containing thinly sliced, seasoned roast beef cooked and served in its own juices and nestled inside a spongy Italian roll. The sandwich is often topped off with sautéed sweet peppers or hot giardiniera. Cheese may be offered as an optional extra. Chicago’s own Al’s #1 Italian Beef restaurant claims to have created this Midwestern delicacy in 1938 to help limited stocks of meat go further during the Depression era. Though it is not known when Italian sausage was added to the mix, the combo has become a dynamic duo in the hearts, minds and stomachs of locals and visitors alike.

You helped find the TOP 5 COMBOS in Berwyn though online voting. Now it’s time to vote again to help find the #1 BEST COMBO. Your votes will be combined with the group of local judges who participated in a single taste-test event at the Berwyn Public Library on Friday, September 25, 2015. The judges were Alicia Plomin, “Bacon Lady” and the Communications & Marketing Project Manager at WednesdayJournal Media; Chris Lopez, Owner of Masa Uno, Inc. Tortilleria; Jeff Dahlgren, Owner of 3D Collision Repair, Inc.; Kathy Hurst, Owner of Hursts’ Berwyn Jewelers; Flor Infante, Owner of La Fleur Spa; and Robert J. Lovero, the Mayor of the City of Berwyn.

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Voting ends October 1, 2015.

Alicia, who has lived in Oak Park for over half her life, graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in Journalism and Media Management. She's been with Wednesday Journal Publications since...