Dear Rep. Welch:

I am extremely troubled by the frequent arrival to my home of large, full-color, card stock mailings attacking Chris Harris, who is challenging you for your seat in the Illinois House, 7th District.

I want to say first that I am not a fan of such negative advertising. I think it reflects much more on you than it does on Mr. Harris, even if every word you printed were true.

But I am also troubled and, frankly, insulted by many of the things you say on these expensive mailings. For example: You stretch the idea that Mr. Harris has, to quote you, “a right-wing backer of Gov. Rauner” to suggest that this means he is fully in line with everything the governor does and stands for. Leaving alone the fact that you ignore the many progressive backers Mr. Harris has, you also assume we will swallow the idea that one person who [presumably, since I cannot verify this because you don’t tell us who you’re talking about] backed Gov. Rauner in 2014 and is now backing Mr. Harris means Mr. Harris is “scary” and “would” hurt children and families.

Rep. Welch, I and my neighbors are not that stupid.

Finally, while I don’t have endless time to research obscure sources, so far I have been unable to verify any of the claims you print on these mailings. When I read originals, things are always different than you represented. Some things have been stretched as above, and others are just not there.

Fighting dirty does no one any service, Rep. Welch. Please stop. Tell us instead, in verifiable detail, what you have done for your constituency and why we should give you another term.

And let Mr. Harris speak for himself.

Jeanne Busch

Forest Park

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