On the morning of Friday July 1, I opened my front door to see my No Video Gambling sign was missing … again. Coincidently, that sign was the 75th sign stolen from a private citizen since the No VG sign initiative started throughout Forest Park last March.

The No VG signs have been stolen from private property all around town and from some addresses multiple times. Overall, about 50 private citizens have been denied their right to free speech as granted by the First Amendment of our Constitution through these self-serving thefts of personal possessions.

Back in mid-April, 15 signs were stolen in one night! This prompted a number of angry sign holders to file police reports. At this point I thought it wise to call Police Chief Aftanas to discuss these thefts. In the ensuing conversation, the chief said, “Why don’t these [pro-VG] guys just get their own signs?”

Over the last several months, I have been following the Facebook discussions between the pro-VG people and the FP citizens opposed to gambling in our town. The pro-VGers yammer on and on about negotiation and compromise and what great stewards they would be if only the citizens would allow them gambling. “Trust us,” they say.

Seeing how the pro-VGers treat citizens now, the only thing I would trust them to do, should they get gambling, is reliably collect the cash from one poor soul after another.

If you want a No Video Gambling sign to express your opinion, contact novginfp@gmail.com

Steve Backman

Forest Park

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