We are a community filled with care.  In the following pages, you will learn about how certain organizations and the people who run them truly care about those they serve.  At Day in Our Village we asked passers-by to write on a big piece of paper their answer to the question, “What do you love about your community?”  (See above)  We could have asked why do you care about your community and received many of the same answers. 

Care = Love. 

Read.  Learn.  Care.  (Love.)

Caring for the community,

Kristin Carlson Vogen
President & Chief Executive Officer
Oak Park-River Forest Community Foundation

This year we feature the following agencies and groups:

Wonder Works Children’s Museum
Austin Coming Together
West Cook YMCA
Steckman Studio of Music
New Moms
By the Hand
Sarah’s Inn
Opportunity Knocks
OP Township Center for Disability for Seniors
Way Back Inn


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