Unity Day was celebrated in all of the Forest Park Schools on Wednesday, October 19 to show bullying is not accepted in our schools.  The slogan was “Together against bullying — united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion.” Students and staff were asked to wear orange to show their support for unity and many teachers did activities to teach the children more about why they were wearing orange.  

Mrs. Kreis’s first grade class did a “Feel Good” class activity that reinforced kindness.  They started the activity by collaborating to make a list of qualities that makes someone a “good” person.  This helped students start thinking about traits a “good” person may possess.  It also taught them that everyone has positive qualities.  After that, students were each given a star and walked around the classroom while music played in the background.  When the music stopped, students quickly found a partner and wrote something they liked about the other person on their classmate’s paper.  They did this five times.  By the time they were done, each student had five positive things about themselves on their paper.  Some examples of what the students wrote about each other were:

I like how fun you are.

You are nice.  

You are fantastic.

I like the fish on your shirt and your boots.