On Tuesday, October 25th, the Forest Park Middle School participated in National Mix It Up Day. For one day during lunch, students were encouraged to put down the chrome books and talk to people who they normally didn’t sit with. Students were greeted in the cafetorium by Mr. Liddell and Mr. Hearn. Mr. Liddell took their chromebooks and Mr. Hearn passed out brightly colored paint swatches. Students were then told to sit at the table that corresponded with their color. On the table were ice breaker questions fashioned after the game “Would You Rather” to try and get even the most introverted of students talking to each other. Teachers also got in on the fun making sure that they came down to sit with the students and talk with them during lunch as well. 

“Can we do this again?” Asked one student. 

On that note, I think that we can say this day was a success.