The Forest Park Middle School 8th graders started December off learning about Shakespeare and his life and times. Since then they’ve begin to delve into the world of Romeo and Juliet. They’ve read Act I, acted out Act I and at the end they now get to feast like Act I. At the end of the first act in Romeo and Juliet, Lord Capulet has a huge feast to which he invites all his family and friends. Among those invitees we have a couple of party crashers–Romeo and his friends. It is at this famous party scene that Romeo first sees Juliet and falls in love at first sight. 

To celebrate the end of Act I, the students in Mrs. Ciardullo’s and Mrs. Rack’s classes held their own masquerade feast. Students brought in treats to share, wore colorful masks and danced the Mareska, a popular Elizabethan dance. The students had a fabulous time and we’re quite certain that they’ll never be able to look at Shakespeare in the future and decide he’s boring.