This 1970 Montgomery Ward Ad featured fashion trends for teens.

Woman’s Liberation was the topic of the 1970 Student Survey competed by 8th graders in Forest Park Middle School reported in the December 30, 1970 Forest Park Review.

Chaired by Michael R. Sahly and committee members Mike Golden, Tommy Cox and Terry Swan, the survey questions were:

Women’s Liberation

  1. Are you for it?
  2. Could a woman take a man’s responsibility?
  3. Should women have more rights?
  4. Should women have less rights?
  5. Should a woman dress like a man if she gains the rights of a man?
  6. Should a woman be drafted and pay alimony?


According to the 1970 article, more 8th grade students attending Forest Park Middle School were opposed to Women’s Liberation.  Committee members conducted interviews of fellow students which revealed that more than 80% of the middle school 8th graders interviewed were “against it.”  

The article reported that the Women’s Liberation questions showed that out of 64 females interviewed 86% were against it.  Out of 36 males interviewed more than 85% were against.