On Wednesday, the Forest Park Middle School Class of 2017, took a field trip to Proviso East. When we got there, students were ushered into the field house where they listened to the band and watched one of the dance crews perform. The principal spoke to them, welcoming them as future pirates and appealed to them that if they come to Proviso East, to dive in an experience all the school has to offer. School counsellors, athletic directors and the assistant princial all spoke to the students welcoming them. Students were also introduced to sutdents, some of whome were FPMS alumni, who spoke to them about some of the sports and activities they could join if they came to Proviso. We then were broken up into smaller groups and lead on a walking tour of the school. 

Once the walking tour wound its way back to the field house each student was given a Proviso East Class of 2021 t-shirt and invited back to a basketball game of February 17th where the school would honor their newest class. 

Overally, students were impressed at the welcome and slightly overwhelemed at the sheer size of the school. I think there were quite a few comments about stairs as we wandered around. However, there was no mistaking the welcome and the sense of excitement in the 8th graders for the next big adventure.