We read with great interest the information about the growing budget crisis at our village hall. We would like to offer what we see as a solution, ready to implement to avert the further raising of our taxes, which as always, should be a last resort.

Universal Solid Waste Stickers.

These stickers offer a “pay-as-you go” needed remedy for waste pick-up without having to increase your tax burden. If you or a neighbor nearby need to dispose of non-hazardous solid waste less than 50 pounds, it would be as simple as just applying a sticker to that item. Need to have a heavy appliance removed? Apply either 2 or 3 stickers to that old item, and it’s good to go.

These could be easily purchased at either our village hall or a grocery or hardware store in town for the nominal cost of $2-3 apiece.

This is already done almost universally throughout the surrounding suburbs and the state to great tax benefit to those communities who choose to participate.

In the end we all save money. And in doing so, not raise taxes.

Mike Garman and Liz Chilsen

Forest Park