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Metra announced today it will introduce the “Round Trip Plus” pass in late summer, which will offer unlimited rides for 24 hours for the same price as a roundtrip ticket, or $7.50 for those traveling from the River Forest and Oak Park stations to Chicago. Customers will be able to purchase these tickets through the Ventra mobile application.

“A lot of people are getting more work from home options, and more working four days a week for 10 hours, so there’s a lot more flexibility in the workforce and this product was introduced to meet those needs,” said Meg Reile, Metra spokesperson. 

Round Trip Plus was introduced for riders who travel on more than one Metra line on a given day, riders who wish to make multiple stops along a single Metra line or riders desiring a round-trip ticket.

Reile also noted that since Metra will soon eliminate its online ticketing program, this pass will save customers who don’t have the time or ability to purchase tickets from physical stations money. Riders are charged an additional $5 if they purchase tickets from conductors on the train.

Metra announced in early April it was ending its online ticketing program, which allows customers to buy monthly and 10-ride tickets via Metra’s website. The last day to purchase a monthly pass from the website will be June 20 and the last day to purchase a 10-ride ticket will be June 30. Metra estimates the end to its online ticketing program will save $144,000 in annual website hosting, maintenance and support costs.

“We understand this change will inconvenience some Metra customers,” Jim Derwinski, CEO and executive director, said in a statement. “However, we are trying to find efficiencies wherever we can, and we still offer several other sales channels, including the convenient Ventra app.”

Metra will measure demand of the new day pass for a year, and then decide whether to continue it or not. Its board of directors is still mulling providing discounts to customers who ride outside of peak travel times.


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