Personal Observations

Claude A. Walker Jr.

Originally printed in Forest Park Review July 13th, 1967  page 2

 Oooh, that smarts!

I mean the letter from “friendly” J. P. Connolly, who really took me over the coals this week.

It seems that last week in this space I suggested that the physical facilities of the Library be transferred to the Park Building, thereby combining tow tax levies.  Pal Connolly disagrees and her is how he put it:

Dear Claude:

In the past I had a high opinion of the common sense and human qualities that permeated your column.  In fact, I often remarked, “I wish old Claude would give up and let the kid write the column.  He’s another James Reston”.  But now I am not so sure.  Concerning your last effort, (July 6) I am beginning to wonder if you aren’t hitting the L.S.D. or the pot.  Coming from an editor, you otherwise innocuous statements could have disastrous results.

Surely, you weren’t referring to OUR library in your article.  Not the lovely building at Des Plaines and Jackson?  Josephine Austin and Dorothy must be shedding bitter tears of frustration… and so am I.  Apparently, you didn’t attend the fifty year anniversary and hear the speakers.  Do you realize how much work and planning went into that beloved institution?  That fine old building is a landmark to be enjoyed by present and future generations.

And you would sell it down the river for thirty pieces of silver?  what would you have there?  A forty unit monstrosity?  Have we not enough of the eyesores now emasculating our lives?  I daresay you, like the many other so called civic leaders would gladly exchange beauty and tradition for increased revenue.  If you are a student of Browning you will recall the lines:  “Burn the fleet and ruin France? That were worse than Fifty House”.

J.P. Connolly

Sorry about that, J. P.  It wasn’t  L.S.D.  It must have been the glue I was sniffing when we pasted the paper last week.


Our Secretary of State, Paul Powell, reminds us that there is a new way to punish our sweet, little teenagers.

A law passes by the 1965 General Assembly, provides that the Secretary of State shall cancel the license of permit of any minor under the age of 21 years , upon the verified written request of the person who contested to the application of such minion.  Any parent wishing to take such action my direct his request to Secretary of State Paul Powell, Capitol Building, Springfield, 62706