The long back-and-forth wrangling on a vote for legal video gaming in Forest Park is over and voters will have the final say in November. I strongly encourage every Forest Park resident to join me in voting NO on the question of prohibiting video gaming in local businesses. 

Licensed video gaming came to Forest Park in 2016. In has been in place for nearly two years and in that time the only thing that has changed is there are a few more dollars in our local economy. Allowing a few gaming machines in restaurants and bars has not increased crime and has not changed the look or the quality of life in Forest Park. What it has done is make several of our locally owned businesses a little more stable and allowed to reinvest that money into creating jobs and making improvements. 

Two years ago a few vocal critics told us that the sky would fall if video gaming were allowed in Forest Park. The truth? The result of allowing gaming is that responsible adults are allowed to enjoy the games, local businesses and our Village are financially stronger. Vote NO on prohibition.

Patricia Taylor

Forest Park resident 

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