A new car wash worth more than $5 million will open at 901 Harlem Ave. sometime this fall, said owner Neil Rembos.

In May 2017, Rembos bought the old Premier Car Wash site for just over $1 million, according to the Cook County Recorder of Deeds property records. He said he hired “the area’s top, best car wash-focused architects, builders [and] equipment installers.”

“We’re talking about bringing a level of quality to the area that has never been seen before,” Rembos said. “It’s an over $5 million project. Everything is top, top-notch. We’re thinking that’s a great fit for Forest Park.”

Rembos, of Chicago, said he’s done several real estate projects in the area before and felt Forest Park was the perfect fit for his new business, named Crystal Car Wash. He said he is primarily involved in the tech sector and in commercial real estate, but mentioned that this is not the first car wash he’s built. He declined to comment on the locations of his other car washes.

“I really looked at the area and I felt the people of Forest Park deserved a higher quality car wash that had an emphasis on affordability, and that’s why I built an over $5 million dollar facility,” Rembos said. “It’s a massive improvement in this area with state of the art equipment, self-vacuum stations, many, many tools.”

He has since dedicated the last year and a half to building Crystal Car Wash.

At the high end, single washes at Crystal Car Wash cost up to $18 and come with hot wax, rain repellant, paint sealant and more. On the lower side, single washes will cost $5 — “It’s cheaper than what’s in this area right now,” Rembos said — and come with a free vacuum and access to Crystal Car Wash’s individual detailing service stations, like window cleaner, air freshener and an air-detailing tool that blows the dust out consoles.

“That’s something that’s really new,” Rembos said. “I tried very hard in this project to be on the absolute cutting edge of the industry in implementing all those services to be used.”

Memberships will be available for $19.99 per month, and come with unlimited cleanings for the month.

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