Proviso Township High Schools District 209 officials launched a new pilot program during the 2017-18 school year that involved 8th graders in two of D209’s feeder districts taking an Algebra I course taught by a Proviso East teacher. 

According to a memo drafted by D209 officials, “the Office of Academics is working closely with all foundation school districts to make 9th grade algebra options available for all their academically ready students.” 

In a recent email statement, however, Forest Park School District 91 Superintendent Louis Cavallo said that no one from D209 has so far approached D91 about offering the program to Forest Park students. 

“However, we are likely not going to participate,” Cavallo added. “Our current strategic plan is to teach algebra to ALL of our 8th graders by 2021. We currently have about a quarter of our 8th graders taking algebra in 8th grade and we intend to increase that number each year as we increase the rigor of math instruction in all grades.   

Last school year, five students from Lindop School District 92 in Broadview and five students from Bellwood School District 88 in Bellwood participated in the pilot program, which, in a memo, district officials described as successful. 

“All five students from Lindop successfully passed the course and expressed satisfaction with their experience,” the memo noted. 

“We will spend the 2018-2019 school year developing curriculum, guidelines and procedures,” D209 officials noted.