“The snows did not come but the children did, in droves.  Lining Madison from DesPlaines Avenue to Hannah Avenue, the littlest people in town made a serious showing of themselves Saturday afternoon,” wrote Bret McNeil for the Forest Park Review.

The Review went on to say, “This was Forest Park proving that it isn’t like neighboring villages, and rightly so.  Everyone who turned out of the parade knew everyone else who turned out for the parade, hellos and how-are-yous were shouted across the street to neighbors and friends.  Parent let their children wander off knowing that they would be fine and would return, most likely, with a group of friends asking if they all couldn’t just keep hanging out a little longer without adult supervision.

“As for the adults, they were gathered inside the bars up an down Madison Street, the village turned into a college town for an afternoon: round after round drunk down before noon, more after the parade.

“This was a party and it was Forest Park.”