On April 2, Forest Park will have a chance to cast their vote for a new Mayor and four Village Commissioners. For the next four years, each Commissioner and Mayor will have one vote, so as a Council all voices are equal. People may cast their votes for a variety of reasons: experience, agenda, platform or allegiance to the Village. It is imperative we have a balance of knowledge and history to ground us. I am seeking re-election and to be your voice of Forest Park, past, present and future. My loyalty is to our community, its success and continuous growth.   

We need to be an efficient and effective place of public service and business to ensure excellence for our residents and business owners. We have issues we need to resolve and work towards such as fiscal responsibility, business development and infrastructure replacement. At the same time, we must continue to provide a high-level of core services to our community and need to seek ways to do things better and smarter. I am proponent of positive change and innovation for this village, as I believe it is the way we continue to grow and adapt to make Forest Park a great place for all to live, work, play and call home. I will continuously aim to enhance our community.  

I pledge to encourage more community involvement with our citizens, fostering a positive community spirit by continuing to offer an open-door policy. It is important to create an environment where residents and business owners are highly engaged, and the Village Council is a welcoming and open forum for our constituents to express concerns as well as celebrate successes. Our Village Commissioners as well as staff need to be accessible, accountable, and transparent to our community members and constituents.

I truly believe adapting and growing are a crucial part of effective government service. Change is good, but you must always remember your history and past. When the natural culture shift occurs on April 2 in Forest Park, I can provide the experience and knowledge of what we have accomplished in the past so we can continue to build and enhance our community. I will always aim toward a professionally developed and value-driven council. Values of integrity, commitment, service, dependability, kindness, approachability, and adaptability will continue to guide my career as your elected official. 

Finally, I know that keeping the best interest of the community in mind when making difficult decisions is extremely important. My twenty-year career in public service has allowed me the opportunity to manage, produce, provide, and positively impact communities.  I enjoy making a difference and serving others. 

I believe in Forest Park. It is the town that raised me and the town where I continue to reside 41 years later. The same town my father served as Executive Director of the Park District, home to the schools my wife and sister-in-law work, and the place where my three young children are growing up and attending school. I take this responsibility and the future of our Village very seriously and encourage you to vote for Daniel Novak for Village Commissioner on April 2, 2019.

Daniel Novak

Forest Park Village Commissioner