As I meet voters from across our community, I ask them to consider this question. What does it take to be an effective Village Commissioner? Having served as a Commissioner in the past, I can assure you that it is a tough job with complex issues and challenges. The decisions that come before the Village Council, such as allocation of resources, zoning variances, public service issues, our infrastructure and chronic basement flooding and more, require a commitment to fact finding, study, consultation and deliberation before, during and after each Council meeting. 

 In order to serve effectively, Commissioners must fully understand our village and our zoning laws, ordinances and procedures. They must make a serious commitment to guiding decisions that are fiscally responsible and an appropriate allocations of our resources. As we have seen vividly in recent events, we must also study and develop ways to help our local businesses compete within the context of our decisions. And, I haven’t even touched on the challenges to public safety and public property that are such key responsibilities for the Council. 

 I respect each of the candidates who have come forward either as independents or as part of a slate. I know they have good intentions and I honor their desire to serve. But it takes more than good intentions and a willingness to listen to our residents to do the job well.  

It takes knowledge, wisdom, integrity, technical dexterity and the ability to engage and communicate with all members of the community, even those who do not share our opinions.  

As a candidate standing before you, I assure Forest Park that I have what it takes to be effective on the Council. Prior to serving on the Village Council, I was active in the issues facing Forest Park for decades and served on the Plan Commission. As the Commissioner of Public Property, I was instrumental in ensuring that our parks were improved and an additional pocket park was developed. Our detective offices were moved from trailers behind village hall to the offices at 501 Des Plaines. Significant improvements were also made to our parking lots including the paving of two parking lots and additional automated pay boxes. Jackson Blvd. and Harvard Street were improved with traffic controlling bump outs primarily funded by the federal government.  I also advocated for fiscal responsibility and open discussion and transparency in Council meetings.

I am nearly a 50 year resident of Forest Park and a graduate engineer who has been in trusted leadership roles for an international engineering/construction company for decades. I served as Chairman of that company’s March of Dimes Walk-A-Thon team, a volunteer instructor for Junior Achievement, and a baseball coach. I served on the Board of Trustees of my church for 12 years and I am currently on our capital improvement committee.

I know what it takes. I have what it takes. Please allow me the honor of serving on your Village Council with your vote on April 2nd. Thank you.

Marty Tellalian

Forest Park Commissioner candidate 

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