Forest Park mayoral candidate Rory Hoskins recently picked up the endorsement of Congressman Danny K. Davis (7th). Davis announced his endorsement outside of Mohr Oil, 7340 Harrison in Forest Park.

“This village will be well-served if you’re in the mayor’s chair,” Davis said in front of a throng of Hoskins supporters. “I’ve been impressed with [Hoskins’s] honest approach and truthfulness. Every conversation I’ve ever had with Rory and everything I’ve ever been involved with him in, [I’ve been impressed with his] honest, ethical approach and his sensitivity of trying to make sure things reflect not only what is etched in law and statute, but also what people themselves would appreciate.” 

Hoskins, who said that he’s known Davis for nearly 20 years, said that he decided to announce the endorsement just across the street from the new Roos Recreation Center, because the Park District was where he got his start in civic life. The district has also been a center of many initiatives Hoskins has spearheaded, including the annual Juneteenth Family Pool Party. 

“The park district is an important symbol of a place where families come together in Forest Park,” Hoskins said. “Whether you’re blue, green, purple, red, black, white, gay, straight — we all come together at the park district.” 

Davis officials said that the congressman plans on holding a fundraiser for Hoskins this week. 

When contacted for a comment on any endorsements he’s landed, Chris Harris, Hoskins’s opponent, said that he has received “some non-solicited” endorsements, but “I honestly don’t believe in political ones and don’t pursue them. It doesn’t seem right if you are truly independent.” 

Harris, quoting a campaign supporter, added, ‘It would be naive to think political endorsements are given for free.'” 

Hoskins said that the owner of Mohr oil did not officially endorse him, adding that the business owner has been a supporter of the annual Juneteenth event. 

“I’m extremely grateful that Congressman Davis has taken time out of his schedule to endorse my candidacy,” Hoskins said.