Last election, I wrote a letter to the Forest Park Review (Tuesday, March 31st, 2015) on my observations about Chris Harris, then a village commissioner. I wrote that he was truthful and diligent. He ran for mayor, but did not win by only a very narrow margin. That certainly means that many of us in Forest Park saw (and still see) him as the face of change that the village needs. Due to that challenging run, I felt that a change was in the air but it only lingered until now.

Chris cares about Forest Park. He inspires me to stay the course and look for ways to do good for our neighbors and this town. While the towns surrounding the village have been very active in addressing the needs of their residents, our village is stuck. Frankly, the last 30 years have been trying and disappointing. There has been a lot of confusion and pain since the last mayoral vote. The widespread disregard for the village residents is evident in many issues that we all face. It really feels as though no one is listening. The stagnation that we are experiencing right now could leave Forest Park landlocked economically, educationally, culturally. It is not at all what I want to see.

After the most recent village-wide debates and lively discussions everywhere, it is evident that residents want change and seem motivated to face the future positively. As a long-time resident, I’m glad for that. I believe that Forest Park can and should be a destination to live in and stay for a long time.

We know the challenges the village is facing. In my opinion, Chris Harris is that thoughtful, leadership ingredient being offered to us right now. It’s a good match. Chris knows all residents want the truth. We want and demand the facts about our budget, infrastructure, taxes, payouts and any other issue that affects all. We deserve to have that information delivered in real time. No more surprises; no more sparring with the truth and losing. Every resident deserves at least that much from their duly elected officials. Having served as a village commissioner for many years, Chris has the experience and the leadership qualities we need today. Chris has fresh ideas and fearlessly voices them. He knows what the issues are and has thoughtfully outlined how to address them.

In my opinion, we have the perfect opportunity to create the town that we all want to live in now and in the future.

I am voting for Chris because I believe he is the man – the mayor – we need to do the work together that lies ahead. I know he is still perfectly suited for the job.

Shirley Suber

Forest Park resident

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