In 1964 the popular annual spring cleaning campaign promoted throughout the Village of Forest Park was known as “Clean-up, Paint-up, Fix-up .” This local cleaning spree would hit homeowners, clubs and merchants in town.  Collectively the goal was a village-wide facelift along with community pride. 

In 1964 Kiwanis Club went out and  planted several trees along the Eisenhower Expressway, as well as planting potted trees in shopping areas. 

Goodwill, Salvation Army, Catholic Salvage and Volunteers of America were available to aid in the clean up. Special waste hauling was also planned for this week.  The 1964 co-chairmen, Del Marousek and Bill McKenzie, according to the Review, had “terrific participation,” and coordinated volunteers to tear down old sheds or fences and youth groups were out lending a hand.

In conjunction with the Clean Up week, several village related open houses would take place including one at the Police Station, and a live demonstration of sewer-cleaning operations on the street.
In 1975, the ad in the Review opened with America the Beautiful? or Ugly Pollution?  the choice is ours…. 
We ARE in danger of surrendering the beauty of our land to mountains of trash and to the pollution of our earth, air and water.  how shall we reverse the trend before it’s too late?…. “
Click through the photo gallery at the top to see photos from 1964 including tree planting outside the old VFW Hall (current District 91 building), the Doss fence going up, Police Chief Elmer Shnurstein and Lt. Ed Ziebell demonstrating to a visitor how to handcuff someone, Roy Strom performing a sewer- cleaning operation and the ad from 1975.

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