In 1980 Forest Park’s landmark feed towers, once a part of the busy grain elevators operated by Acme Feeds Co. were scheduled to come down to make way for a commuter parking lot at Van Buren St. and Desplaines.
This photo, recently discovered in files at Forest Park Village Hall was donated to the Historical Society of Forest Park by Tim Gillian, Village Administrator.  The vacant towers, which were a dangerous “playground” for teens, had become a regular stop for Village police, as youth could not resist the rooftop view.  
Acme Manufacturing built the first tower when they moved to Forest Park in 1923 and a second in 1927.  They manufactured both feed for pigs, calves and chicken as well as minerals and salts.  Acme feed was to be added to corn and was said to to produce pork or beef at a much lower cost than an all-grain food. 
Founder George H. Simpson sold his interest in Acme Feed in 1956.  A time in American history when food production was undergoing great changes.  The Review reported his comment was, “Nothing can ever equal the gratification which comes from selling good merchandise and through serving well, gathering sincere and lasting friends.”

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