Don’t know the terms of the new contract just negotiated between District 91 public elementary schools and the Forest Park Teachers Association. Changes to pay rates and benefits will not be known until faculty and the school board accept the terms, hopefully, in mid- to late-August.

Meanwhile school will open as planned, which is good news for parents, students and all involved.

It took several months longer than usual and the intercession of a federal mediator to bring the parties to a deal. We’re not critical of adding more tension to a process that has, honestly, gone too smoothly in recent decades. The call on local property taxpayers also needs to be represented in contract negotiations and the endless talk, in teacher contract talks everywhere, about comparables with other school districts has long seemed to us too closed a circle. 

We favor paying teachers well. We also favor respecting taxpayers footing the bill. We hope this new contract, when details are revealed, will accomplish both goals.