A new health and wellness store has opened on Madison Street.

CBD Body High — its name is an acronym standing for “Care by Design,” as well as cannabidiol (CBD) — opened on June 1 at 7451 W. Madison St. The store offers spot- and full-massages, yoga and dance classes, physical training, as well as a variety of products infused with CBD.

“Body high is when you think of a runner’s high; it’s just that feeling you get after running. As a massage therapist, that’s what I want to give to my clients — having that body high,” said Kim Miller, co-owner.

Miller, of Forest Park, said she always knew she wanted to be a massage therapist. Growing up, she said her mom would let her stay up past her bedtime and watch TV if she massaged her shoulders and rubbed her back. She felt good when she was able to help her mom feel better.

“I just enjoyed that immediate gratification of somebody getting some relief and just being happy,” Miller said. “I’m a touchy person, I’m a hugger.”

She realized she liked massages, however, in 2000, when she got her first massage at a resort. A dream of retiring on an island as someone’s massage therapist was born.

Miller ended up attending the Soma Institute, where she earned her license in clinical massage therapy. When she finished school, she knew she wanted to open a business where she could practice her trade, as well as promote hemp products. About six years ago, Miller was diagnosed with fibromyalgia — a neurological disorder that causes her pain receptors to constantly fire, “so you’re just always aware of pain” — and she said CBD products provided relief in a way that other pharmaceuticals never could.

“I basically want to just get the word out about help; that’s my ultimate goal,” she said.

She started looking for a place last summer and signed the lease with her co-owner Eric Richardson in April. In the back of CBD Body High are two rooms utilized for massage therapy and also available for independent massage therapists to lease.

“I wanted to do something, not just for me, but being able to help other massage therapists have a safe environment where they can bring their clients,” Miller said.

In addition to offering massages and classes, the store offers CBD coffee, edibles, oils and more. Richardson said the CBD industry is growing by “leaps and bounds; people are finding benefits in the products.”

“We’re really going to make ourselves available to the community and be an active member of Forest Park,” he said.