Can we stop the race baiting, please? The only people who talk about “illegal humans” are liberal progressives as they attempt to impugn the character and motives of people who think laws should be followed. The correct, official term is “illegal alien.” As an “older, whiter” descendant of “European” grandparents who legally immigrated to this country, I’m getting really tired of being called a racist because I believe our “brown brethren” should also come here legally. But I guess it’s OK to practice racism against whites today. 

On Feb. 7, 2017 the Review quoted Sally Cody referring to the art project on the bridge, “We want to stay away from anything that’s too political,” Cody said. “We want to make sure we are not offending anyone.” I’m not standing up for the vandalism, but if they had stuck to the idea of keeping politics out of it, there wouldn’t have been any vandalism. 

Saying, “No human is illegal,” is offensive to me because I know I’m being called a racist. If we don’t support illegal immigration we’re racists, and that’s exactly how the Nov. 27 editorial ended. It’s disgusting.

Richard Wright

Forest Park

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