Speaking of pot dispensaries, the new owner of the longtime R Place property on south Harlem says he’d potentially welcome a recreational marijuana shop in his building. He is also open to a new bar or restaurant use.

The site has advantages. Easy access for customers from multiple communities with its Harlem address. Plenty of parking, too. And proposed dispensary zoning to be considered by the village council later this month includes this portion of Harlem.

Time will tell. 

While it is sad to see the closing of the locally owned and always locally generous R Place, we do push back on social media posters seeking to link the ban on video gaming approved by voters in town to the potential emergence of marijuana being sold in Forest Park. 

These are two fully distinct and unrelated issues. In two public hearings last fall, it was clear there is no notable opposition to pot sales in Forest Park. The village council has been transparent in considering this issue.  

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