Mr. W. A. Krause came from Germany in 1862 and opened a blacksmith shop on Madison Street just three years later. This shop, located at 7451 Madison (next to Schauer Hardware, located where the building currently occupied by CBD Body High and Knit Nirvana), was not the only blacksmith in Harlem (later known as Forest Park).

Krause was known to do “excellent work” according to the 1906 Village of Harlem 50th anniversary souvenir book. Down the block, Charles Kreiger also ran a blacksmith shop with wagon making, where Doc Ryan’s is today.

Horses were catered to along Madison Street as it was the main route for funeral travel, and travelers needed to feed and water their horses before making the journey home. Along Madison Street there were feed and water troughs for the horses in addition to dining rooms and taverns for the mourners.