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Smokin M’s, the popular barbecue restaurant at 7507 Roosevelt Road in Forest Park, will be shuttered for at least a few days after a fire in the kitchen at about 5:10 p.m. on March 6.

Fire Chief Bob McDermott said the fire is still under investigation but that it appeared to have started in the vicinity of the wood smoker. The flames were contained to the kitchen area and chimney. The dining area, where about a half dozen people were waiting for orders when the fire ignited, was not visibly damaged.

A video obtained by the Forest Park Review shows flames suddenly consuming the rear area of the kitchen, while people begin exiting the dining area. No one was hurt, according to fire officials at the scene.

“The barbecue grill just went up in flames,” said Ahmad Henry, who was waiting for an order of rib tips and brisket when the fire ended his dinner plans. “They were shouting, ‘Put some water on it!’ They tried to put water on it and from there the flames just went up the whole ceiling and out the chimney, and they started kicking everybody out.”

Firefighters responding to the fire used dry chemical extinguishers to put out the flames. The restaurant will need to be cleaned up and inspected by the village before it will be allowed to reopen.