It’s Girl Scout cookie season, a highly anticipated time of year by many, and chances are you’ve seen local Girl Scouts selling cookies in front of businesses in and around Forest Park.

Cookie sales as a means of financing troop activities began as early as 1917, five years after Juliette Gordon Low started the organization in the United States.

This 1954 Forest Park Review cover photo features the Girl Scouts, who were taking orders for “mints, peanuts and cookies” in preparation for the annual cookie drive. Front row: Elizabeth Windeguth, Sharon Sisson, Barbara Linneweh. Second row: Elaine Malin, Sharon Samuel, Darlene Garbe Karen Stensto, Linda Rudd. Third row: Gail Bisterfeldt, Russellyn Vertuno, Madalyne Arrigoni, Janet LaPointe. Back row: Chief Cookie Pusher Mrs. Lussow, Judy Cleff, Marie Dominick, Dawn Muelehaupt and Jeanette Lussow.