Despite a resident comment (via email submitted to Village Clerk Vanessa Moritz ahead of time) against the new village zoning map, Mayor Rory Hoskins and commissioners voted unanimously to approve and publish the new document during the April 13 village council meeting held via Zoom conference.

Forest Park resident Thomas Kovak said he questioned both the color changes made to the map zones and to the minor renaming of the two industrial districts. These changes, he said, warranted the new map’s presentation before the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA). Among his concerns was the reversing of the light purple and dark purple of the two industrial districts, which were also renamed from light industrial to general industrial, and from industrial to limited industrial.

Kovak said he thought the renaming and recolorization of the map might cause confusion.

Steve Glinke, director of Public Health and Safety, who oversees zoning for the village of Forest Park, said the map, which is updated annually, pursuant to state statute to reflect zoning/council actions taken during the previous calendar year, did not undergo any changes that necessitated ZBA approval.

“Stylistically, we adopted the Land Based Classification Standards of the American Planners Association (APA), which is available online,” said Glinke in an email. “We frequently make color changes to make zoned borders/designations more user friendly. Any such action does not require ZBA consideration, recommendation and/or approval.”

Glinke added that, in regard to the changed names of the industrial districts, “The map reflects that same I-1 and I-2 designations, and the underlying zoning remains the same. The map verbiage again reflects an APA best practice and does not require ZBA action.”

As for the swapping of the dark purple and light purple between the two industrial districts? “The designations and underlying zoning remain unchanged,” replied Glinke. He added that anyone having difficulty with interpretations is welcome to call him.

Commissioners Joe Byrnes, Dan Novak, Ryan Nero and Jessica Voogd all voted for the new village zoning map to be accepted and published.