I’m so tired of cancellations. I like having a calendar. I like having meetings and events and gatherings. I believe my kids miss it more than I do. At least once a day, I get asked, “When are we going back to school?” “Why can’t I go to Emily’s house?” “When do we have Cub Scouts again?” “When can I hug Ms. Adler?” 

Personally I think, “When can the PTO meet up for margaritas again?!” Unfortunately, I don’t have that date on my calendar yet, but the Forest Park District 91 Betsy-Field South PTO is still looking to the future. We’re just flipping a few pages in our calendar to the fall instead of the spring. 

We won’t be hosting the Spring Fling in April as planned, but we are hoping to re-imagine the event as a Fall Fest. While we don’t have any dates or details yet, we do want to make sure to let the community know that any donations we’ve received for the Spring Fling raffle will be used for the Fall raffle. We appreciate all the support and we can’t wait to pick up in our planning right where we left off. 

In the meantime, keep your eyes open for appreciating teachers from 6 feet away, sidewalk chalk, and virtual activities. The PTO is brainstorming ways to foster social-distancing relationships that support the schools’ eLearning curriculum by empowering the students, parents, and community at Field Stevenson and Betsy Ross Elementary Schools while “sheltering in place.” Our goal as a PTO is to exemplify integrity, teamwork, community involvement and to be “safe at home.” 

We got this, Forest Park! #ForestParkStrong

Kristin Pekoll