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• Kimberly Adami-Hasegawa is a Forest Parker with a propensity for creating mixed drinks. During our enforced down time, she has taken up the habit of watching Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s afternoon COVID-19 news conferences. And she makes herself a drink — sometimes alcoholic, sometimes not — to go along with the grim tidings. She began to promote her mixology with the hashtag #spritzerswithpritzker. Last week Pritzker gave her a shoutout during a press conference and made our local a celebrity.

• With its Urban Pioneer event space effectively shuttered, Tom and Sheila Kunkel have made great use of their commercial kitchen as the base camp for Meals2Medics, a project they launched to feed medical personnel healthy and substantial meals. Several allies have joined the effort and together they plan to deliver 1,000 meals this week.

• It was not your typical Easter, but it didn’t stop a determined Easter Bunny from showing its floppy ears to Forest Parkers eager for something sort of normal. The famous rabbit toured town, courtesy of the Park District of Forest Park and the Forest Park Fire Department, which carried the bunny on a fire truck as kids and families cheered from an appropriate distance.