Messages of support greeted Ed’s Way staff when they arrived to work Monday morning, thanks to a group of residents who decorated the sidewalk outside the store with chalk on Sunday evening.

Michelle Jensen, who’s been a Forest Park resident on and off since 1988, lives down the street from Ed’s Way, 946 Beloit. She said she’d seen the sidewalk chalk activities organized for kids throughout the town, and thought they were great. She was inspired to organize a show of support for the neighborhood grocery store.

“I wanted a way to show our appreciation for Ed’s Way. I thought, ‘Why not decorate the heck out of the sidewalk?’ to say thanks for providing us with toilet paper and bleach and being a safe place to shop?” said Jensen.

Jensen said she reached out to neighbors and friends over Facebook, and those people asked if they could share the invitation to decorate Ed’s Way’s sidewalk further.

“Everyone responded,” said Jensen. “And that’s the cool thing about Forest Park.”

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