It is good to see more Forest Park restaurants re-opening for curbside deliveries. We report this week that Louie’s Grill, Madison Park Kitchen and Scratch Kitchen and Lounge are back in business. We also note that Junction Diner and the local Starbucks have previously reopened. 

If Forest Park is going to eventually get back to life — and we believe that is a long way off — it will need its diverse and spectacular array of restaurants and bars to lead the way.

Meanwhile, we are going to listen to the advice of Ellen Politis. With her husband Louie, she owns the Madison Street grill we all love. They have jerry-rigged a system of ordering, delivery to your car, a cashier who never touches food or packaging, designed to keep both their staff and their customers alive and well fed until the dining room eventually reopens.

Says Ellen, “We are excited to be back, but people need to take this virus seriously. We all need to make adjustments until there is a vaccine for COVID-19. We are committed to making our customers happy by serving good food that is served safely.”

Dead on. This virus is real. It is deadly. And we need to respect the virus and love ourselves enough to take good care.