A driver was stopped at a red light on Jackson Boulevard and Desplaines Avenue on Aug. 23 at 9:53 p.m. when the car behind him tapped his bumper. He turned right and stopped in front of the library to exchange information with the offending vehicle’s owner. When he exited his car with his phone, the other driver got out and yelled, “Give me your keys!” and punched the man in the face, causing him to fall down. He got up and began to run toward the police station, which is just down the street, yelling, “I’m calling the police!”

One of the subjects from the offending vehicle chased him for about 50 feet, then turned around and got back into his vehicle. The victim reported that the offending vehicle was occupied by two or three Black male teens, and the person who punched him was a Black male teenager with a high fade haircut, white tank top and jeans.

Car stolen after rear-ending

A car was stolen from the Thornton’s parking lot on Aug. 20 at 5 a.m. when the owner, who had just been rear-ended by a white Kia Soul, got out of his car to check the damage and speak to the owner of the Kia who had also pulled into the station.

But when he exited his car, one of the occupants of the Kia got into the man’s vehicle and drove away. The Kia also drove away. According to the police report, a white Kia Soul was also used as a chase vehicle in an incident in Melrose Park, and possibly used in a hit-and-run in Oak Park too.

 Open alcohol citations issued

A man outside a bar on the 7400 block of Madison Street on Aug. 21 at 1:54 a.m. was issued a local ordinance citation for open alcohol. He was consuming an alcoholic beverage in a plastic cup.

Patrons cited for ignoring bar employees

An officer on patrol heard bar staff yelling at two people leaving a bar on the 7500 block of Madison Street on Aug. 22 at 2:49 a.m. Bar employees were trying to get a man and a woman, leaving the bar with open beer bottles, to return the beer to the bar since drinking outside on the sidewalk violates village rules.

The man, however, “decided to start chugging and finish his beer on the sidewalk in public,” according to the police report.

The woman’s friends were urging her to go back inside with her drink. When the police officer approached, the woman attempted to go back inside. Both she and the man were issued local ordinance citations for open alcohol.

Not long after, the man who’d been given the citation was given another for public urination on the 7400 block of Madison Street when he began to relieve himself next to the fountain in Constitution Court.

Officers administer Naloxone

Officers were called to the CTA station at 711 Desplaines Ave. for an unconscious subject on the ground on Aug. 22 at 11:46 p.m. Police administered one dose of Naloxone and performed sternum rubs. The fire department arrived and began providing medical care. He was transported to Rush Oak Park Hospital.

Masks stolen from car

A box of masks was stolen from a vehicle on the 7500 block of Harvard Street sometime between Aug. 22 and Aug. 23 when police were called. A neighbor alerted the owner of a car that the car door was slightly ajar. The owner’s wife was positive she’d parked and locked the vehicle on Aug. 22. The owner believes the door was pried open, as there appeared to be a chip in the paint. Nothing, except the masks, was missing.

Open container stop leads to drug charge

A man was observed drinking a Corona beer on the sidewalk on the 7200 block of Roosevelt Road on Aug. 23 at 5:26 p.m. The officer advised him he could not consume alcohol on the public way. The man attempted to finish the drink and refused to hand it over. He then placed the bottle inside his right jeans pocket.

The officer removed the beer from the man’s pocket and asked the suspect to identify himself.

“I don’t have a name,” said the suspect.

Another officer arrived on the scene and, while conducting a pat down of the suspect, recovered three small purple zip-lock bags, two containing tin foil packets. He also found two loose tin foil packets inside another jeans pocket. All four foil packets contained a brown tobacco-like substance with a chemical odor consistent with PCP.

The suspect finally identified himself by name but provided a fake date of birth. He was placed in custody for open alcohol, obstructing identification, and possession of a controlled substance.

Bar cited for serving outdoors after hours

On Aug. 17 at 12:04 a.m., seven subjects were seated at an outdoor table in front of a bar on the 7500 block of Madison Street. They were actively consuming alcoholic beverages even though outdoor alcohol service ended at midnight. The manager of the bar, who apologized to police, saying he’d lost track of the time, was issued a citation for liquor served on the patio after allowable hours. The manager and bar were provided a hearing date in village council chambers.

Driving over 100 down Roosevelt Road

A man was arrested after driving in excess of 100 mph down Roosevelt Road on Aug. 17 at 3:27 a.m. and violating several other driving laws. At the station, the suspect admitted to drinking and smoking marijuana.

“Drank some Henny shots and smoked some s**t,” he said. He performed poorly on the standard field sobriety tests and agreed to a breathalyzer. However, he blew a .000.

Due to admitting to consuming drugs and alcohol and his poor performance on the tests, and taking into consideration his reckless driving, officers believed the man was under the influence of some intoxicating drug. They asked the suspect if he would provide a blood or urine sample, and he agreed. He was taken to Rush Oak Park Hospital to provide a sample.

The suspect was issued citations for disregarding a red light, aggravated speeding, no signal and reckless driving. Depending on the results of the drug test, he may be issued DUI charges.

These items were obtained from police reports filed by the Forest Park Police Department, Aug. 17-23, and represent a portion of the incidents to which police responded. Unless otherwise indicated, anybody named in these reports has only been charged with a crime. These cases have not been adjudicated.

Compiled by Maria Maxham