Crepas Culichi is located at 2713 Ridgeland Ave in Berwyn.

As soon as a customer takes a seat at Crepas Culichi in the delightfully decorated diminutive space, a glass of pink lemonade and chocolate dipped marshmallows magically appear on the table. What follows is a dining experience worthy of such a sweet start — it’s time to engage your inner princess.

“We are very girly and love anything glam,” said co-owner Estefany Garcia of the business built on word of mouth and located at 2713 Ridgeland Ave.

The decidedly feminine space is decked out in hues of pink, gold and Tiffany and Co. blue.  Crystal chandeliers, floral arrangements and vintage dishes round out the aesthetic. The attention to detail in the space was intentional — Crepas Culichi was designed with Instagram in mind and even features a prominent photo wall for guests looking to capture the moment.

Sisters and co-owners, Yency and Estefany Garcia, who are also in business with their mother, took inspiration from coffee shops and crepe stands located in their hometown in Mexico when they opened Crepas Culichi in April 2019.

Quick bit of history — French fare took root in Mexico’s culinary history when the French invaded the country in the mid 1800’s. Mexico eventually rid itself of its hostile French visitors but held onto French cooking techniques.  As a result, crepes are a vibrant and authentic part of Mexican cuisine to this day.  Building on history, the Garcia sisters take things a step further and bring their signature sparkle to each plate of crepes.

Hand-milled flours form the base for an array of crepes served at Crepas Culichi. Special flavorings are added to the flour that result in colorful batters. Rosy-hued sweet strawberry crepes, filled with indulgent chocolate mousse and jam, are garnished with fresh raspberries, strawberry, granola, Nutella and strawberry ice cream.

Elaborately decorated shakes are also stand-outs at Crepas Culichi. A glitter-garnished churro shake or whipped-cream topped cake shake are sure to make any day feel like a special occasion.

If you are looking for something savory, turn your attention to the satisfying poblano crepe. Filled with chicken, peppers, corn and cheese, the plate is both filling and festive. Even the chilaquiles at Crepas Culichi come with pink bread and heart shaped ham.

The restaurant, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, takes coffee service seriously at any hour of the day.

“We have always been coffee lovers and want every cup we serve to be worth savoring,” said Yancy Garcia. “We also wanted a space where girls could come for brunch with their friends.”

The Garcia sisters are currently in the process of expanding into the space next door and hope to open a second location in a year. They credit the success of their woman-powered business to their close relationship and ability to work through conflict. Their shared principles, morals and dedication to hard work makes them fearless in the face of a challenge.

“In the United States everyone is in a rush. In Mexico people take time to enjoy a coffee and talk with friends,” said Yancy. “Crepas Culichi is a place to slow down and value the small things in life.”

From décor to food, Crepas Culichi has a distinct point of view and brings confident and smile-inducing fare to Ridgeland Avenue. Just don’t forget your tiara!