“Every region of the state has started to move in the wrong direction. Cases, positivity rates, hospitalizations and deaths are rising statewide,” said Governor J.B. Pritzker during an Oct. 19 press briefing. “Experts have predicted for months that the country could see a resurgence of the virus as temperatures get colder and more people spend more time inside. Here in Illinois, it looks like a new wave could be upon us.”

Suburban Cook County, where Forest Park is located, is no exception. In fact, in Region 10, the COVID-19 positivity rate has risen from 5.3 percent on Oct. 7 to 6.8 percent on Oct. 15, still below the state’s cut-off of 8 percent but inching upward. A rate of 8 percent or above for three or more consecutive days may warrant additional mitigation restrictions from the state.

The Illinois Department of Health (IDPH) also looks for an increase in positivity rate with a simultaneous increase in hospital admissions for COVID-like illnesses or a decrease in hospital capacity as warning signs that require additional mitigation.

Region 5, the most southern part of the state, has seen a positivity rate above 8 percent for more than three days, and now must face additional restrictions, such as no indoor service at all for bars and restaurants.

Forest Park has seen a total of 340 cases of COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic, which is a rate of 2,400 cases per 100,000 people. There were 12 new cases among residents reported last week. The percent change in confirmed cases over the past 14 days has risen by 42.9 percent.